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Hollow Tree


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Candles are the perfect way to add relaxation to your home. Place around the tub, outside of your shower or on your coffee table for a relaxing experience. Perfect for when the weather gets cool and the first frost starts to set in!

Hollow Tree - Our (Hollow Tree's) namesake scent - Cedar in the purest form - one scent - one love - a light and subtle scent

Scent notes - Western Red Cedar
Smells like - Smells like sweet cedar in its purest form 

Coastal Wolf “…one morning, I’d been looking for the wolf pack for many hours. Eventually I gave up, dragging my canoe on the shore, collapsing into the sand. That’s when the wolf found me. He stepped from the rainforest, approached, and laid down beside me. The wolf howled softly before closing his eyes. As he drifted off to sleep, blanketed by the early rays, this wolf changed how I see the world.” – April Bencze

Scent notes - Wild Raspberry | Feather Moss | Huckleberry
Smells like - Sweet fresh wild raspberries 

Shannon Falls - Through the myriad of enchanting forested trails, the third highest waterfall in BC; Shannon Falls cascades upon natures tapestry of textured granite, descending upon ethereal tones of spring florals and the sweet poetry of the whiskey jack, nestled within the coastal rainforests of Howe Sound.

Scent notes - Dogwood Blossom | Birch | Oak Firn 

Trails End We each seek a story, one that is textured with many layers radiating its own melody. We trek the journey to parts unknown, wild and meandering paths; we diverge. As adventurers we yearn to explore the beauty that is within us and around us.

Scent notes - Pine Resin | Oud | Charcoal  

This candle collection is from a Canadian company out of Whistler, BC.  Hollow Tree Candle Co. is dedicated to capturing the Pacific Northwest's beauty through sustainable coconut wax candles scented naturally and handcrafted in Whistler, BC.

Ingredients (All Candles):

100% Coconut wax
Clean burning cotton wick
Plant distilled, Non-synthetic oils
Recycled/ Able packaging