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Gift Guide

We've curated a collection of our favourite spa at home products just for you. Our gift guide combines products from our Canadian suppliers. They've also been themed to align with the 5 love languages.

Why you ask? Well we believe if you are going to give a gift to someone it should be done in their love language so they know how much you care! 

Here's a breakdown of the 5 love languages paired with suggestions so you can select the right gift for them:

Gifts | So... you've absolutely nailed it so far! If gift's are their love language then giving them any type of gift should light their heart on fire.
Act's of Service | This doesn't need to be a big bold gesture. Often small gestures are just as up lifting, empowering & appreciated.  
  • What we suggest: Booking that date night at the spa or booking a treatment for them while you cover the day to day activities! You've got them covered so they can enjoy a day off! 
Quality Time | You're going to need to carve out a little time on your calendar for this one!  
  • What we suggest: Try our oracle cards so you can play them together! Maybe pick up at the spa & pair with a growler filled with local kombucha on tap!
  • We also suggest: Booking a service or treatment at the spa for quality time together. A sauna & steam session is affordable option or book a couples massage. Couples massages are done in separate rooms.  

Physical Touch | This can come in many forms. We believe touch has a way of telling us we belong with the people or community we are with. A hug can go a long way!  

  • What we suggest: If you are looking for something to do together we suggest our body products. Our scrubsbutters & oil can be applied to someone as a way of showing love.  
  • We also suggest: Book a massage at the spa can be a great way for someone that appreciates touch to feel seen and connected to self. 
  • Budget friendly suggestion: Good things come in small packages. Feel the effects of a massage at home with our jade face roller 

Words of Affirmation |  This could be verbal or written. Often a kind note in a card or a new note book with a few opening thoughts could be the perfect way to show you care. Maybe even a message from beyond!

  • We suggest: A note book or greeting card with a few handwritten words. Maybe they are looking to start a gratitude practice or a morning routine. Notebooks are the perfect gift to start new rituals! 
  • We also suggest: Our oracle cards can be played together or individually. Messages from beyond. Words that continue to give throughout the year!